J.A. Sofola

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Thursday, 15th October 2020


There have been many books on Africa by European writers who have tried, with varying success, to explain what and how Africans are thinking and who Africans are and what makes them tick. Africans themselves have written and made statements of ideology mostly political but not cultural. In AFRICAN CULTURE AND THE AFRICAN PERSONALITY, Dr. Sofola has brought Sociological/Anthropological and Socio-psychological dimensions to the explanation of the African culture and personality. The author, unlike many writers before him who have over-emphasised the surface differences among the African peoples, has called attention in a most lucid form, to the basic unifying aspects, the common denominator of the African culture. To know the core cultures and proven values of Africa is to wish them preserved and maintain their integrity even in this twentieth century to which they are more relevant now than ever before.

The African Culture that is inside the personality of every African person, makes the Africans the type of persons they are known to be – they are altruists that are rich in humanity, morality and sociality.

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