Research Description
Journal Article published in ACTA PATRISTICA ET BYZANTINA 20 (2009)

Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole

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Wednesday, 21st October, 2020


The role that Africa has played in the history of Bible translation since the event of the LXX is impressive. Yet, there is still a lot that Africa can contribute to Bible translation theory and practice. Following a previous study on this topic (Loba-Mkole 2008), this paper attempts to articulate how African theology of reconstruction can contribute to enhance new ways of understanding and doing Bible translation in Africa. Jesse N.K. Mugambi remains one of the most known proponents of reconstruction theology in Africa. The first section of the present study seeks to appreciate Mugambi’s contribution in the light of other similar writings, especially those from Kinshasa school of theology and Charles Villa-Vicencio from
South Africa. Generally speaking, reconstruction paradigm is meant to rebuild all sectors of life in Africa, including Church ministries of which Bible translation constitutes an integral part. The second part will point out areas in which reconstruction paradigm is able to contribute specifically in the field of Bible translation.

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